Zen I, 2019, oil on canvas
    inner landscape
    Interior III, 2019, oil on canvas
  • Sea, Atelier Plöger, Painting
    sea, 2017, oil on canvas
  • sheaves painting
    Räuche, 2016, oil on canvas
  • Plöger paintings
    Opening II, 2016, oil on canvas
  • Malerei detmolder maler axel ploeger
    Herbstzeitlose, 2015, oil on canvas
  • plöger maler ostwestfälische kunstszene bielfeld
    Lago Agrio, 2015, acrylic on paper


Welcome to the studio

of the painter Axel Plöger

Here you can find current information on exhibitions,
a selection of current works and impressions from the studio,
an archive with earlier works and vita with exhibitions.

"I am a painter. My passion is colour, I just love to paint. Again and again I take this path, which has shaped my life for more than thirty years and has given rise to paintings. It is the belief in the truth of painting that motivates me. It is in this spirit that I am always setting out with my ideas, figurative or abstract concepts and the thought of radicalising my work. Painting as a truly colourful event makes the essential visible".

   Axel Plöger, 2019
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