Encounter in the entrance foyer of the Detmold Stadthalle

(LN 02/2017)


 Dörte Pieper, Axel Plöger, text and picture (© Stadthalle Detmold))


Two Detmold artists worked together in 2014 and 2015 in the Balkensaal on the 2nd floor of the Detmold Stadthalle: Axel Plöger and Rainer Nummer. Due to fire safety regulations, the room is currently unsuitable for events, so the opportunity to produce visual art was offered. In this creative phase of the joint studio, numerous works were created, including large-format works. The common use of the space enabled an exchange of ideas between the two artists who worked together. Thus the picture "Encounter" was created, a large-format abstract acrylic painting with an intensive composition of colors. Curved surfaces shine for themselves and yet approach each other with great dynamics. For the viewer, the picture transports the movement of different forms and a bold and expressive color composition. The special feature of the canvas, a fabric that was originally produced for an advertising print, supports this effect. The color draws into the fabric, creating a further mixing of the components. The painter Axel Plöger has now donated this painting to Detmold Stadthallen GmbH, where it has found a beautiful place in the entrance foyer, which was renovated in 2016. The entrance foyer of the Stadthalle offers the possibility for inspiring encounters as a reception and discussion room. The work can be visited during the event times in the Stadthalle.

FROM LN WB 25.02.2017