Zen I, 2019, oil on canvas
    inner landscape
    Interior III, 2019, oil on canvas
  • Sea, Atelier Plöger, Painting
    sea, 2017, oil on canvas
  • sheaves painting
    Räuche, 2016, oil on canvas
  • Plöger paintings
    Opening II, 2016, oil on canvas
  • Malerei detmolder maler axel ploeger
    Herbstzeitlose, 2015, oil on canvas
  • plöger maler ostwestfälische kunstszene bielfeld
    Lago Agrio, 2015, acrylic on paper

Jan Fuchs "Sketchbooks", 2008

Axel Plöger "MEDUSA", 2010
Complete painting process documented over three months.

El Centro Cultival del Olivar, "Pulsión Abstracta", Lima, Peru
Exhibition video of 4.4.2014

MARTA Herford "Useable areas - OWL3"
Exhibition video from 16.6. - 18.8.2013

TV feature:
WDR Lokalzeit OWL from 22.01.2015 "I want to live from my art."
Feature by Christine Etrich

CCN PERU Momento Cultural (1999) Interview with Eduardo Lores
Interview on the occasion of the exhibition "con tiempo" in the exhibition hall 'Gral. Belisario Suárez' of the city of Miraflores, Lima, Peru (solo exhibition)

Axel Plöger - Moment 2015, Softcover: 63 pages, 61 mostly color illustrations, three of them double-sided. texts: Friederike Fast, Axel Plöger. Format: 24 x 17 cm. Publisher: DISPLACE Verlag Detmold, 2015; ISBN 978-3-00-050508-59. DNB

Marta Herford: "Usable areas - OWL3 2013", brochure with flaps: 100 pages, numerous illustrations. Texts: Roland Nachtigäller, Friederike Fast. Format: 17 × 24 cm. Language: German, English, Publisher: Marta Herford gGmbH, Publishing house: Kerber Verlag, Bielefeld. ISBN 978-3-86678-871-8. DNB

Axel Plöger - New Pictures 2012, Softcover: 28 pages, 12 color illustrations, two of them double-sided. text: Dr. Mayarí Granados. Format: 29,7 x 21 cm. Publisher: DISPLACE Verlag Detmold, 2012; ISBN 978-3-00-038883-5. DNB

Konzepte - Zeitschrift für Literatur 2011, issue no. 31 designed with ink drawings by Axel Plöger. Softcover: 140 pages, numerous illustrations, texts by various young authors. Publisher: KONZEPTE, 2010; ISSN: 0179-0676.

Axel Plöger - Erfundene Landschaften 2010, Softcover: 66 pages, 27 color illustrations, three of them double-sided. Interview: Paul Schmidt, Axel Plöger. Format: 14.9 x 21 x 7 cm. Publisher: DISPLACE Verlag Detmold, 2010; ISBN 978-3-00-031481-0. DNB

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Axel Plöger
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32756 Detmold
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Axel Plöger

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"I am a painter. My passion is colour, I just love to paint. Again and again I take this path, which has shaped my life for more than thirty years and has given rise to paintings. It is the belief in the truth of painting that motivates me. It is in this spirit that I am always setting out with my ideas, figurative or abstract concepts and the thought of radicalising my work. Painting as a truly colourful event makes the essential visible".

   Axel Plöger, 2019
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