Zen I, 2019, oil on canvas
    inner landscape
    Interior III, 2019, oil on canvas
  • Sea, Atelier Plöger, Painting
    sea, 2017, oil on canvas
  • sheaves painting
    Räuche, 2016, oil on canvas
  • Plöger paintings
    Opening II, 2016, oil on canvas
  • Malerei detmolder maler axel ploeger
    Herbstzeitlose, 2015, oil on canvas
  • plöger maler ostwestfälische kunstszene bielfeld
    Lago Agrio, 2015, acrylic on paper

Old work new in the studio  (9/2020)



Aktuelle große braunfarbige Arbeit im Atelier

Wesen 02

In these current works I am dealing with pictorial concepts that occupied my work about 25 years ago. MEMORIA is a recourse to old pictures. Here in the work MEMORIA (brown) I try to repeat a picture from 1994 that I only have in my memory. The colour tone, a dirty, beautiful picturesque brown, as I can discover in details of Rembrandt pictures, has a strong attraction for me.

I work with many opaque, gestural and also glazing coloured layers, which together create a colour space.